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Episode 0 - Sneak Peak


Meet hosts Mary O'Neill Phillips and Mitch Petrie with a Sneak Peak of what's to come in Season 1 of The Country Outdoors Podcast

Episode 1 - Tyler Farr - September 9, 2019 - "I am a hunter!"

Mary O'Neill Tyler Farr Mitch Petrie at CMA Fest in Nashville recording the Country Outdoors Podcast

 Check in with Mary & Mitch as they sit down with Tyler Farr in Nashville at the 2019 CMAFest. True to form, Tyler is unashamed of his hunting heritage and lifestyle and shares a few stories from the field and adventures with the Buck Commander team on Outdoor Channel. 

Episode 2 - Jon Langston - September 16, 2019 - Deer Week Special


Mitch & Mary caught up with Deer Week Host Jon Langston at the Iowa State Fair! This is one you won't want to miss!

Episode 3 - Sept 21, 2019 - Dylan Scott - Bayou Stock Edition


 Mitch & Mary catch up with Dylan Scott who talks about his Louisiana hunting roots and the charity concert he created to raise money to take kids hunting! 

Episode 4 - Oct 7, 2019 - Rhett Akins - Songwriter of the Decade!


 Country-Music Song Writer of the Decade sits down with Mitch Petrie on a recent trip through Minnesota.  

Episode 5 - Jordan Davis - Louisiana Country Boy


 Jordan Davis shares stories of hunting with his father and tagging great white sharks!  

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Episode 6 - Craig Campbell


Craig Campbell talks about his outdoor and Nashville life an much more!

Episode 7 - Drake White


A conversation with Drake White is never dull and this one is no exception!  

Episode 8 - Nate Hosie & Randy Birdsong


Aspiring country-music artist and Outdoor Channel host Nate Hosie with co-host Randy Birdsong talk music and hunting across America

Episode 9 - Craig Morgan


 Craig Morgan joins Mary & Mitch in a whopper of an interview!